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Nicole is a Black, queer content creator, community cultivator, and pop culture connoisseur.

Content Creator

Nicole is in the conversation. They guest and co-host on podcasts, as well as produce—script, record, edit—and deliver their own audio and visual content. They host live streams of gameplay and gab. Invite them on your platforms to discuss fiction, fandom, representation, and more.


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Nicole facilitates connection. They maintain communities on platforms that provide voice, video, and text communication. They moderate these digital gathering spaces to ensure safe, productive, and meaningful engagement. Reach out to learn how they can help your community grow.


Nicole works with individuals and organizations to establish their online presences, and build their brands, with attractive and functional landing pages, websites, and blogs. Visit STRANGESPECI.MEN to view some of their work and reach out to learn how they can help you bring your vision to life.


Nicole writes commentary on film and television, and examines popular culture through an intersectional lens. They engage in critical fandom and advocate for respectfully dragging the creators and creations you love. Read some of their work and invite them to write for your publication.

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